Hi there.

I'm Ash Rhodes

I am here to help you with everything you need to make your Remote experience as smooth as possible.

With over a decade and a half of experience in the Customer Experience world and a decade in the Remote Startup world, I have seen it all, and I can help you through it!

Accelerate your organization with:

1on1 Coaching

Let me help you or one of your employees in dedicated 50 minute private sessions. We will identify issues and work on them over the course of 5 or more weeks.

Group Seminars

If you think a larger segment of your company or team might need some help, whether with Remote Work, Team Building, or some aspect of Customer-Facing issues, we can design a curriculum which I can deliver over a day or in shorter sessions.

One-Off Issues

If you are having specific problems within your organization, I am happy to discuss the scope and we can work out a solution.


Whether as a single guest or as part of a panel, I am available to speak intelligently on a wide variety of topics related to all aspects of Customer Experience, Leadership, Startups, SaaS, Technology, and more!

My name is Ash. and I’m here to help.

Remote work is HARD.

Leadership is even HARDER.

TOGETHER, they may be the hardest thing that you’ll ever do.

I have worked as a leader both in-person and remotely and throughout, I had to figure it out as I went. There were plenty of remote companies, but not a whole lot of remote leaders talking about how to lead, and certainly not with the empathy and care that I find so important.

So I started doing exactly that. I started helping new and experienced leaders become better.

I’m here to help you, too.

I have lead teams in busy call centers, I have transitioned departments from flat to hierarchical structures, and I have built entire departments from scratch. I’ve worked with Support, Service, and Success teams and I have worked in 3 person organizations and multi-thousand multi-national conglomerates.

I have learned all of the lessons and made all of the mistakes so that you don’t have to.

Get in touch and let’s start helping you become the leader that you want to be!

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