"State of QA in Support" Webinar

Hosted by Loris.ai.

The fantastic Ines van Dijk and I got together with Eugene Mandel and discussed how QA fits in with CX teams and where both are going. You can see the video below, and I suggest you do! It was a great chat.

"Remote Managing without the Micro"

Hosted by Support Driven.com.

A solid set of tools and common sense suggestions which leaders of all experience levels can use in teams of any size to improve communication, trust, and general team health.

A video of the talk has not yet been officially uploaded but is available on my own YouTube channel below.

WARNING: I am dressed like an idiot pirate. This is not unusual.

Remote That Works 2.0

Hosted by me! (and Valentina Thörner as well. I guess. Whatever)

Once a month, Valentina and I get together and speak on a variety of issues that have come up when working with our respective clients or when working remotely ourselves. You can watch our past videos or sign up for the next below!

The Customer Support Leaders Podcast

Hosted by Charlotte Ward.

Charlotte has been known to host a podcast episode or 2 . . . hundred. She's an excellent host and for a hot minute there, I was her most-featured guest, but I have lost my spot. I guess I'll just have to beg to come back soon! 😉

You can choose from some episodes below.