TL;DR: Ash is pretty rock and roll. You should work with him.

Ellie Matutis-Digal

“Ash is one of the most empathetic, intelligent, efficient, and passionate people I’ve had the opportunity to work with. During the time when he was my manager, he was very willing to show me the ropes and help me succeed. Now, in my current leadership role, he has provided even more helpful and insightful advice in growing a remote team. Ash is an expert and has all the answers — I strongly recommend and trust him.”

Ella Matutis-Digal

“It takes a special person to run Custromer [sic] Services in a remote-work environment, across multiple time zones, countries, and languages. Ash Rhodes is that person. Ash is able to keep customers happy while creating systems, building teams, and filtering information that is relevant to the company’s growth – all while making it seem like its a piece of cake. Could not recommend Ash highly enough – I have no idea how he does it.”

Liron Segev



Liron Segev

“Ash is an excellent resource for anyone fortunate enough to work with him. He’s a consummate professional, able to make quick, solid decisions. His ability to motivate and inspire a team is unparalleled. Ash’s positive attitude and congeniality make him easy to work with, and an ideal leader.”

Amanda Collins


Pavel Sinev

“I have known Ash since 2018 when he joined the vidIQ fully-remote team. He instantly became a vital part of the team, through his hard work, creativity and positive energy. Ash is an outstanding leader and knows how to bring together talented people for a bigger purpose and motivate everyone to do their absolutely best. I can say, it was an absolute privilege working with Ash under the same roof. He will surely exceed any employer’s expectations!”

Pavel Sinev



“Coming across better talent that Ash is difficult and rare. Working with Ash was an incredibly rewarding experience. He is an exceptional leader, mentor, and was even coaching me to become a customer support lead someday.. [sic] Not only is Ash a great mentor, but he is also very dedicated (to his work as well as his co-workers), hard-working, extremely compassionate, and insightful. I am certain that a lot of the companies he worked for would not have been where they are today if it wasn’t for his hard work and guidance. No matter where he goes, he will always be a great asset. Ash absolutely earns my highest recommendation”

Medina Davis



Medina Ponjevic Davis
Brittany Garcia

“Ash is truly someone every company needs. You will not find someone more dedicated or passionate about seeing his coworkers and customers happy. On multiple occasions, Ash extended a helping hand even though we worked in separate departments. He was a great asset to our marketing team as he was extremely multifaceted. Whether it was taking professional quality pictures of our trade shows or handling an upset customer on social media, I knew I could count on him.

This was especially helpful in our remote-based company with coworkers all over the world – Ash always made himself available. Ash always showed empathy and compassion in his leadership and working with him was a pleasure. I wish him the best in his future endeavors and any company will be lucky to have him!”

Brittany Garcia